Lamps that could turn your room into a dreamlike space

Are you ready to see extraordinary lamps? An artist from Poland named Przemek turned exotic African gourd into a stunningly beautiful and wonderful wall and table lamp. He manually sculpts beautiful patterns on gourds surface, which later become the head of his amazing creations. The light coming from any of Przemek's lamps will surely give a room a super special atmosphere.

A little background about the Artist

Przemek Krawczyski was born and still living in Poland. He studied building engineering at a technical university and work at the same time in an architectural studio for nearly three years. However, he quit both his studies and job after he realized that making lamps was his real passion. In 2009, he traveled to Senegal and accidentally found the gourd fruit which became the main material for his extraordinary lamps also called "Calabarte Gourd Lamps."

The process in making these extraordinary lamps

It will take him several weeks to finish a lamp, because making these lamps require a manual and very tedious work. First, he needs to carefully find and select gourds with nice shape. Next, he dried the gourds and lignified then starts drilling patterns into them. To create different beautiful patterns of lights coming from the gourds, he needs to carve deeper or shallower into the layers of wood.

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