Mind blowing furniture designs from Estonian Designer

Are you ready to see explosive furniture? These extremely brutal and medieval furniture designs were created by one of most famous sculptors from Estonia, Mati Karmin. In almost all of his works he uses unconventional and innovative materials to create one-of-a-kind and mind blowing home accessories and furniture. What I have to share with you are some of Karmin's unusual furniture designs made from Soviet marines and naval mines. The Island Naisssar, located in the Gulf of Finland, a former military facility in the First and Second World War is the main source of materials for this creative minded Estonian sculptor's freaky yet astonishing designs. He created bathroom cabinets, chairs, tables, beds and even fireplace out of these metal scraps. To make it more usable at home he added beautiful details, glass surfaces and leather upholstery. See Mati Karmin's Explosive Furniture that could blow up your mind (images source: http://marinemine.com).

This is the Devenport Table made completely of mine-shells, two mine-shells on both ends and a cylindrical mine-shell in between with massive polished granite desktop joining all the modules.

Materials used to create this Spherical fireplace are mine-shell, steel pipe, heat resistant glass and cast iron. It also uses genuine illuminators (from old ships) with brass or bronze metal frames. 

It is a combination of one regularly-dimensioned mine-shell and cylindrical parts of other mine-shell. It has metal legs and base with metal grating on its doors.

This unique coffee table is made of combined glass sheet and lengthwise halved mine-shell. It has legs of mock-ups of detonation horns placed into original detonation holes.

This armchair is from a regular mine-shell with elliptical hole cut into it. It uses comprone bands attached to welded loops for the chair's seat base with cushion and headrest made of canvass. The two rubber wheels serve as the legs and base that supports the entire chair.

This is the item I liked the most from all of his designs, a chandelier made of a whole mine-shell on top and below on it are three hemispheres made of mine-shell as well. It has detonator like-shape light bulbs made of plexiglass.

Relax and enjoy in this bathtub made from a regularly-dimensioned mine-shell added with pieces of cylindrically cut mine-shells. Inside the mine casing is a custom-made stainless steel bath.

Elliptical fireplace is a regularly-dimensioned marine mine-shell that has two-sided glass doors with metal frames. It has a leg and chimney formed from 200 mm steel pipe.

This Baby Carriage will for sure protect your baby from any gun fire attack (lol…a bullet proofed baby carriage). The entire mine-shell was placed on a chassis of vintage hand-stroller together with rubber-coated wheels to create this wonderful piece for babies.