How to create an original piece with new functionalities from old chair

Tess Hill a Spanish artist and designer show us how creative she is in her latest project entitled "Half = One", where he used everyday item such as old wooden chair to create an original piece with other functionalities. The new object he created from recycled old furniture has an intriguing appearance of a clothes hanger and a handy book shelf at the same time. This is a perfect sample on how we can still make use of our old furniture found at home and transforms it into one unique with totally new function and meaning.

 Looking at Tess Hill masterpiece, you will see that she did not make major changes on the chair especially on its shape, the designer only give new function on the wooden chair. She cut the chair into two halves, use the other half, completely turned it upside down and finally attached to the wall. The final product is what she called "Half = One" that can be used as a book shelf and a clothes hanger. This is ideal to be placed at the bedroom or bathroom where you can put magazines, books, hats, scarf, perfumes or cosmetics. I'm sure this creative project will inspire a lot of people and will make them think of ideas on how give new functionalities on their old furniture found at home.